Let it snow…and snow…and snow some more

What a winter we have had!  Normally winters in Virginia are relatively mild.  Sure, we have a little snow here and there, but this winter, it seemed like the snow would never stop!  Snow here generally means an inch, but there are days we had six and seven inches!  This is good for store that sell the winter survival kit of bread, eggs, and bread, but many days the weather made it unsafe for us to open.  And when it wasn’t snowing, it was cold!!!  Schools closed for record low temperatures.  Heating the manor house proved to be quite the challenge, as it is a very large, old, drafty house.  But, if there is one thing to be said about Deep Creek Vintage, it is that we are up for a challenge!


This was our first winter at Deep Creek.  That meant we were started from scratch.  We learned about how to start fires in our new wood burning stove.  We put portable heaters in our rooms and covered paint with blankets at night to keep it from freezing.  It was definitely a learning experience.


But, our customers toughed it out.  They came with warm coats, and we kept a pot of hot coffee on.  And together, we got through it.  Although, we are still waiting for spring.  And for the snow to stop.  But it will.  One day.  Or we will go get that stupid groundhog.

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