Introducing: The Market Days at Deep Creek!

announcementPart of what makes Deep Creek Vintage so popular is without a doubt the house we reside in.  It keeps us small and intimate.  Our customers get to know our vendors, and we are able to really join together as a unit.  But, the walls of the house cannot be moved.  As much as we would like it to resemble Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, we knew we had to look for other options to be able to hold large, incredible events.

We are so excited to announce that we have found a solution!  And, it’s in our own backyard.  During the months of February and March, Deep Creek Vintage will be introducing Market Days!  With over 10,000 square feet of additional space, we will be having two days of incredible shopping opportunities. And our first weekend is quickly approaching!  Mark your calendar for February 22-23 because this is not something you want to miss.


 What does this weekend event mean for our customers?  It means you need to start clearing out space in your homes because we guarantee there are pieces you will not want to live without.  Are you looking for antiques as beautiful as the day they were created?  We will have them.  Are you looking for a diamond in the rough to apply your own creative touch?  We will have them.  Are you looking for architectural salvage?  Unique collectibles?  Home décor?  Yes, yes, and yes.  We will have it all!

Our vendors are actively collecting to be able to fill the space with pieces you will love!   We are so thrilled for this opportunity, and can’t wait for this event!  In the meantime, the treasures within the walls of the house keep changing.  It seems every week we are restocking and rearranging to replace every piece that seems to leave as soon as it arrives.  Thank you for all your support, and  buckle your seat belts because you are joining us for an amazing ride!

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