Rain or Sun, the Vintage Therapy Marketplace Shines!


We have been looking forward to our Grand Opening and Vintage Therapy Marketplace for many weeks! Countless hours of planning went into making sure we were going to give Fredericksburg something to talk about for months (or until the next one).  Then we saw the weather report…. A weekend of rain was planned.  And cold.  Basically, the meteorologists had predicted an entire weekend of just plain yuck.


But you know what was great?  It didn’t matter.  It did rain.  And it was cold.  The weather was downright miserable.  But our turnout was amazing!!  Our customers braved the weather to come support the Vintage Therapy Marketplace.  Our vendors put up tents, and surrounded them with plastic sheets and tarps.  We learned quickly how to keep the rain out and the furniture dry.  But more than learning how to deal with rain, we learned how wonderful our customers are!  They shielded themselves from the elements and went home with many fabulous new pieces of furniture, home décor, collectibles, and pieces of jewelry.  Susan from Stone Creek Redesigns and Finds even sold out of all the extra finds she brought to fill her outdoor tent the on the first day!


The Vintage Therapy Marketplace helped to prove that we have a bright future at Deep Creek Vintage, and the support of the community.  It also gave us a taste of that the Vintage Therapy Markets can be like as we continue to grow.  We can’t wait to start planning the next one, and definitely plan on making them a staple of our calendar.  Through this event, we gained two new vendors at Deep Creek Vintage.  Azadeh of Coco & Cotton Antiques and Robert of Robert’s Antiques will be joining our team!  We are so excited for them to move in, and welcome them with open arms.


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