An interview with our owner

Can you believe Deep Creek Vintage is celebrating its six month anniversary?!  Yes, it’s true!  What better way to wrap up a whirlwind period than an interview with the vision behind this creation?

Cheryl, thank you for taking the time to talk to me today.  I know the customers of Deep Creek all feel like they know you already.

Cheryl:  My pleasure.  I look forward to it!

Why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Cheryl:  I’m originally from the east coast, and have been a military wife for over 30 years.  I have two grown children, one granddaughter, and another on the way.  Because of his career, my husband and I have moved all around the country. The antiques business has been something I have been able to take with me wherever I go.  Opening a place like Deep Creek Vintage has always been my dream.

When did you first develop a love for antiques?

Cheryl:  Oh, when I was a little girl!  My mother used to take me driving all over New England on treasure hunts.  I must have been 6 or 7.  She taught me how to feel glass to gauge its age.  She was a pewter collector.  I fell in love with things that were a little different and unique.

How did you start painting furniture?

Cheryl:  As a military spouse, money was tight.  I needed to learn to make it, change it, or live without it.  I have been painting about 25 years, before it became a popular hobby.  I started by painting walls and creating murals.  Eventually that led to furniture, and I enjoy it immensely.  There is something wonderful about looking at a piece and instead of seeing what it is, seeing what it can become.

What style are you most drawn to?

Cheryl:  Country French.  I love the soft, flowing lines, the gold guilding along with its old painted surfaces.  It’s elegant and timeless.

What style don’t you like?

Cheryl:  There really isn’t anything I don’t like.  Some of it might not fit in my home, but I really appreciate all styles.  One compliment many of my customers have paid me is that my shop is eclectic, and they can find anything here.  I think that’s one thing I really enjoy about having Deep Creek is that I can have one room full of pink, white, lace, and sparkle, and down the hall is an antique trunk restored to perfection.  Every day I can see and appreciate all of it.

Why did you choose this house as your ultimate location?

Cheryl:  It was one of those things that you just know was meant to be.  I lived in the Fredericksburg area 20 years ago, and just fell in love with the home.  I actually have pieces of furniture that I purchased here over two decades ago, back when it was still in use.  When we learned we were returning to Fredericksburg, it was just something that I needed to do.  I didn’t want my shop just anywhere.  I wanted it in a special place.  It was exactly what I envisioned.

What was the most daunting part of opening Deep Creek Vintage?

Cheryl:  Ugh, the amount of cleaning.  The house had been neglected and unloved.  The floors were a mess, the walls filled with holes and vandalism.  We wanted to restore to its former beauty while remaining true to its history.  People thought I was crazy, and that we would never get it opened in time, but I just knew what it could be.  As you walk through Deep Creek, you will notice that some walls are not fully patched and framework is exposed.  This was a deliberate choice so that the home and its history could be shared.  We have had so many people come because they are interested in the home itself.  Our landlord was instrumental in sending us on the right path with the vision of what could be. We are so happy we stuck to our vision, and we absolutely love it here!

What has been your favorite part of creating Deep Creek Vintage?

Cheryl:  I would have to say that because I have a long and varied experience in this business, the actual set up was easy.  My favorite part is being able to just share this building and our shops with our customers.  Our customers are wonderful.  We love getting to know them and being a part of their lives.  I think of Deep Creek as a warm and happy place, and many vendors and customers feel the same.  That’s the best part for me.

What is something on your bucket list you hope to mark off?

Cheryl:  I hope to make Deep Creek a destination spot.  We already have customers from Maryland to Richmond.  I would love for people all up and down the East Coast to think that this is a place they need to see.  I love when a customer from Maryland comes in and says they saw us on Facebook and had to make the trip.  Especially when they keep making the trip because they love what they find.  As word spreads and we grow, we hope this will continue and that Deep Creek Vintage will be the place that people flock to because they have heard about it, and need to check it out for themselves.

What does the future hold for Deep Creek Vintage?

Cheryl:  Lots!  But you will have to keep checking back to see!

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