Opening Day!


June 22nd, the doors of the Manor House opened to reveal Deep Creek Vintage!  From the time we opened until the time we closed, we were overwhelmed by the response from the community!  It was a wonderful day that we are so thrilled you could be a part of.


The first customer to enter our shop was Mary, owner of a historic plantation house nearby in Woodford, Virginia!  We loved seeing so many local supporters, and were surprised at how quickly word had spread about the treasure up on the hill.


Our first sale of the day was Rachel.  Don’t you just love this great cameo back chair?  It came from one of our veteran vendors, Donna from Snow Creek Farm!  Many people brought home treasures, and everyone seemed thrilled with the selection, variety, and prices!

To say that people were surprised at the transformation the house had undergone would be an understatement!  We heard so many wonderful stories of people’s memories of the Manor House.  If these walls could talk…


Many people stopped in to pick up paint for their own projects.  Deep Creek Vintage is thrilled to be a supplier of American Paint Company products.  What makes this paint so special?  It’s not so much what is in the products, as much as what is not.  APC prides itself on being zero VOL, solvent free, with no acrylic co-polymers, no fungicide, and no ethyelene  glycol.  What does that mean in English?  It’s all natural and completely safe.  Paint around your children, your animals, paint in the middle of your kitchen if you want.  There are no fumes and no toxins.  While at Deep Creek Vintage we are supporters of the past, we also want to make sure that we are supporting the future.  This is a product we can stand behind proudly.  We are also going to be offering classes and tips that help you use the paints.  Learn the tips and techniques, and have a blast doing it!  Stop in to check out our class schedules and descriptions.


Opening day really showed us that the area was ready for something like Deep Creek Vintage.  We are so excited about the future!  There are lots of events on the horizon.  We would love to be your one-stop show for furniture, home décor, and so much more.  Tell your friends and spread the word!  And don’t forget to keep checking back here and visiting us on facebook for more news, events, and information.


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